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Diana Inspires 2018

Diana Inspires 2018



Diana Inspires is a Motivational Speaker, Strategic and Creative Brand Consultant, Certified Fitness Trainer and a Global Traveler. She is addicted to motivating, encouraging, inspiring and empowering others in Faith, and is on a mission to help people win in mind, body and spirit.


Destined to be the epitome of the phrase "living life to the fullest and with purpose", she made the leap of faith in 2004 from Jamaica  to America in pursuit of a Bachelors' Degree in Management Information System at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Soon after graduation, Diana pursued a 10 year career as a Senior Health Care Information Technology Consultant and Business Solution Architect. 


While on a business assignment in Singapore, destiny and circumstances collided and a world traveler was born. Having traveled to over 27 countries Diana’s love and appreciation for cultural exploration was cemented.  This spurred her foray into curating unique travel  excursions and destination wellness/empowerment retreats. These explorations taught her about the need for the woman to see herself holistically in both mind and body. 


On the heels of her time in Singapore, Diana was ignited with creating a safe space for women to share, laugh, and grow from one another’s testimonies and triumphs. It was through her creation of the Stolen Lunches Single Women’s Bible Study and Living Room Conversations platforms that Diana began to see her own life’s story take even further form. The loss of a relationship, health issues and being let go from Corporate America pushed her into purpose and Diana decided to fully pursue her passion of woman holistic empowerment. 


“I love meeting and connecting with people all over the world through the work that I do. I have encountered so many amazing people through my various travel excursions, business ventures and ministry work. Interacting with people who have been impacted by my work, is always a joy. Once you successfully help others find themselves and who God called them to be, you get hungry to help others.”



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Diana is an Inspirational Speaker, Health & Wellness Advocate, Certified fitness trainer, and Life D.E.T.O.X Specialist. She is the epitome of the phrase "live life to the fullest and with purpose". Diana is a cultural voyager from the beautiful island of Jamaican who has developed a love and appreciation for traveling, and encouraging women through faith, fitness and affirmations to walk in the fullness of Who God creates them to be.

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